Tutorial: Painting and Drawing on your Child’s School Bag, part 4!


Okay, so yesterday we got up to putting down the final colors on the EVIL dark blue canvas school bag. Today is our final installment, so let’s get to it….

STEP SEVEN: Drawing with Sharpies!!!!

Ah, the ever durable Sharpie marker. They’re everywhere, and they never seem to run out of ink. I drew for Sharpie and ESPN two years in a row at a big caricature gig here locally in Orlando, so I actually have quite a few of them left over. To be honest, the Sharpies even did well on the first version of my daughter’s bag, but it was that darn DARK BLUE canvas that made the lines difficult to see. This time around, with the smooth acrylic paint base, I knew the Sharpies were the perfect tool for the drawing:
I carefully outlined everything with the markers, and the rest is history! Oh, except for the final thing…

the “Big Pay Off”…

The “happy customer”…

Now is that a happy little girl, or what? I can’t tell you how excited she was, and how proud I was.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, and that it even may help you. Remember… keep on toonin’!


4 thoughts on “Tutorial: Painting and Drawing on your Child’s School Bag, part 4!

  1. Great tips Keelan, BUT WHERE WERE THEY TEN YEARS AGO WHEN I NEEDED THEM FOR EXACTLY THE SAME PROJECT?!Just joshing, I'm sure there are parents out there grateful for these posts.God Bless,-BW

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