Sharpie Caricatures


Continuing my Sharpie posts, for two or three years in a row Sharpie has used me and several other artists to draw at their booth at a big ESPN fan festival here in Orlando. I mentioned this a few days ago on a post about drawing on my daughter’s book bag.
We have lines everyday, all day long when we do these. We have a lot of fun, and so do the guests.
Ah, here’s one of me ( hiding from the hot Florida sun in my cool Sharpie hat). The following photos are some I did at these events ( I have photos of the guests WITH their drawings, but I don’t want to be concerned about photo rights, etc… so you’ll just have to trust me that the drawings look like them!).
A “Track Star”
A Football Kid… drawn in a slightly different style. I used one of the wedge Sharpies for the thick, outside line. Tried to get a “Dexter’s LAb” or “PowerPuff Girls” look to it.
I really like the ink in the Sharpies and how the tips never break.
For shading on these, I did use Prismacolor black pencils, from Sanford.
A barbarian.
And of course “Flying Feet of Fury”.


2 thoughts on “Sharpie Caricatures

  1. FANTASTIC… but you should have said, I would have flown over to join you for such a gig! 'sigh'See you all in August when we hit town! Every Blessing in His name xxx

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