Drawing in Procreate


I absolutely love drawing on my iPad Pro now with the Apple Pencil. And I think I’ve FINALLY found an app I love.  Procreate is lean, mean, and has lots of great brushes. Plus there’s a lot of brush packs out there that people have made, some free and some to purchase, that you can easily add on. I’m just starting out in the app, but I like where I’m headed. An added bonus? Procreate captures video of what you draw. So here’s one I drew at an event last night. I thought I’d share it with you:

Live Sketch and Review! First Watch Cafe, Orlando


FirstWatch.jpgFirst Watch Breakfast Cafe has been on Sand Lake Road ( aka Restaurant Row ) here in Orlando for as long as I’ve lived in the area, and it’s always been popular. Lines out the door kind of popular. But I just never quite “got it” until NOW.

Now that it’s changed so much for the better! I love the remodel of this place! Rustic, but a more modern feel at the same time. Not the same old bright yellow walls and tacky framed photos that it used to have. The menu at this one has been updated as well, and isn’t the old laminated one with the photos that it always had before.

There’s also so many great new items on the menu! I love the quinoa bowls, and the Market Veg Omelet. Coffee and service here is top notch as well!

Oh, and that line out the door? Still there, but the NoWait app works great for First Watch! Every time I use it, we get to walk right in and have an amazing meal. I’m finally a FirstWatch fan!

( Drawn in an actual sketchbook, with actual pen and ink!  #goingoldschool )

Leaving on a Jet Plane…


I’m in NYC this weekend drawing Fashion Sketches at a big event. So yesterday on the flight here, I thought I’d try some sketching on my new iPad Pro with the iPad Pencil. This was in Medibang Paint, a free app that is probably my favorite drawing app on the iPad. It has great pressure sensitivity and some fantastic brushes. It’s so cool to actually be able to draw on an iPad now! Forgive my non-straight lines in this sketch. LOL. It was a little bit bumpy ride at times. 😳

Hot off the Drawing Board…


Screen Shot 2015-09-16 at 5.38.06 PM

Well, hot off the computer screen, actually. Here’s some artwork I did for a client today. It’s for a Church, a they wanted an “Incredibles” type family that ISN’T the Incredibles, for some upcoming Sermon series. They also may be using it for other purposes down the road as well.

Hmmm….being paid to sit in my home studio, listen to podcasts, and draw cartoony superheroes? It’s a good day…

Live Sketch and Review!


Its been awhile since I’ve done of these, but last week was a Vacation week! I was at Cocoa Beach revisiting all of my favorite places, and even on vacation, I couldn’t NOT draw. LOL. (We actually travel frequently in the Summer, so hopefully I’ll be doing lots more of these updates).

 So, I’ll share some of what I was drawing. For this post, let’s talk about Barrier Jack’s….. 


A classic, greasy spoon kind of  breakfast and lunch place, ( and I mean that in the best way), Barrier Jacks has some great food and some great service! My personal fave is the Seafood Omelette. Crab, scallops, and shrimp…. Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it! YUMMMMM. The Breakfast Sandwich is also great, I have been told. The inside can get kind of crowded, since it’s small. But if you can handle the heat ( being from Florida, my family and I CAN), the outdoor patio is first come first serve seating. And unlike other places I’ve been, the inside servers do NOT forget you’re out there. Jack ( yes, Virginia, there is a real Jack) and his staff do a really great job here. If you’re in Cocoa, you have to give it a try.      

   They had me at the cartoon of Jack himself on the menu.

See you next time, Jack!