Live Sketch and Review!


Its been awhile since I’ve done of these, but last week was a Vacation week! I was at Cocoa Beach revisiting all of my favorite places, and even on vacation, I couldn’t NOT draw. LOL. (We actually travel frequently in the Summer, so hopefully I’ll be doing lots more of these updates).

 So, I’ll share some of what I was drawing. For this post, let’s talk about Barrier Jack’s….. 


A classic, greasy spoon kind of  breakfast and lunch place, ( and I mean that in the best way), Barrier Jacks has some great food and some great service! My personal fave is the Seafood Omelette. Crab, scallops, and shrimp…. Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it! YUMMMMM. The Breakfast Sandwich is also great, I have been told. The inside can get kind of crowded, since it’s small. But if you can handle the heat ( being from Florida, my family and I CAN), the outdoor patio is first come first serve seating. And unlike other places I’ve been, the inside servers do NOT forget you’re out there. Jack ( yes, Virginia, there is a real Jack) and his staff do a really great job here. If you’re in Cocoa, you have to give it a try.      

   They had me at the cartoon of Jack himself on the menu.

See you next time, Jack! 


4 thoughts on “Live Sketch and Review!

  1. Debbie Liedtke

    Hi Keelan, I previously sent you a message regarding a drawing, but did not hear back from you. Not sure if it went to your spam or other folder. Deb

  2. joelgoldstein

    Just got your book. LOVE it. i would like to know what pen you use for live caricature and, what is the pen that you illustrate in the book on “pen tips”? I have been trying to find a pen similar y
    to the “old AD marker LF 229”. Do you know of replacement?


    • Sorry I just saw this comment! Yep, “Penn” in the book is the long discontinued 229-LF. Sad to say, every time I fall in love with a marker, they get discontinued. So I have no faves right now. But I currently draw mostly at live events, so I use a combination of PITT Brush pens and Tombow Brush markers. Sometimes I even use Chartpak… the big one.. for all of my drawings. And if I draw in the theme parks, where we use watercolor, I HAVE to use that Chartpak bc it’s waterproof. But I’ve been doing this for a LONG time. LOL. It takes a lot of control to use that big marker.

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