Toon Weekly: Clown!


Man, this week’s Toon Weekly challenge baffled me. “Do a clown, but without a red nose, big shoes, all the normal clown stuff”, is basically what it called for. “Like the first clown ever”, or something like that.

Well, I talked it over with my bud Ted, and he and I had almost the same exact idea for how to fulfill the assignment. … a caveman clown, going with the FIRST clown ever thing. So, since I asked him, and he was therefore the first one to voice it , I figured I’d just have to come up with another approach.

No such luck. So, I decided since I was stuck on the traditional clown image, I’d just draw it for my entry, focusing on some color hold stuff in the lines, and playing with a cool background effect.
Here he is, looking all clowny.


4 thoughts on “Toon Weekly: Clown!

  1. Are you clowning around again? ha haCool clown! Dig the patterns. I wish I had time to participate for Toon weekly. Maybe I will pop in there at some point this year.Keep up the good cartoon work Keelan!

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