Big CC Bash!


Caricature Connection….the next generation! We recently had a big bash for our caricature artists here in Orlando, where everyone could bring their families. We had drawing contests, cash prizes, pizza, and a really awesome time hanging out. Here’s a couple of pix of some of our gorgeous, talented kids:

My daughter, Brady, is the blonde in the center. Some of you may know Kenny Durkin, one of my best pals and a great artist…. his two kids, Alex and Kathy, are to the right of Brady in the photo. Alex is a “mini-Kenny”. One of the great things about the CC Bash was seeing all of our talented offspring at work drawing alongside us “old people”.
There’s some real talent in this group, gang. And how cute are these three, to boot? They’re all in 3rd and 4th grade.
I’m thinking of offering shifts to some of these kids as soon as they get fifteen!
Seriously, they’re talented AND just all around, great kids. WE must be doing something right, know what I mean?
Look out, world!


4 thoughts on “Big CC Bash!

  1. yeah, we need to do something again. Not sure the family thing would work, though…. the wives seemed pretty bored! Ha! But, man, the kids sure look little here, don’t they? Would be fun to see them all again, to see how much they’ve grown…

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