You’re a Wonder… Wonder Woman!


A NCN buddy of mine, Sam Gorrie (see the links to the side), was talking about her infatuation with all things Wonder Woman recently, and asked anyone that would to send her a pic of the Amazonian princess. Since I’ve been under the weather lately (for over a week), and barely able to work, it seemed like a good time to sketch a bit in the old sketchbook…I didn’t expect to give her the new snazzy harircut, the long (?) pants, or the cool little tennis shoes, but sometimes you just cant’ control what comes out of the pen! Kinda like it, though…


6 thoughts on “You’re a Wonder… Wonder Woman!

  1. Thanks, bud. I am starting to come around, thanks to anitbiotics, so expect some new stuff here very soon.You’re comin stateside soon, right, Steve? Send me an email to remind me when! Can’t wait to see you and Wendy!

  2. Yeah, for a “women’s power” icon, she’s always worn a rather revealing outfit, hasn’t she?Even though my WW is still cutesy, I really liked the Alex Ross version of her…big and beefy, while still beautiful. Lucy Lawless in her Xena prime would’ve been perfect casting.

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