Big gig at Disney-MGM


Last week, we were slammed with caricature gigs. Most nights I was out working. Wednesday night we had 21 artists out , between two gigs. And that’s ON TOP of the 13 retail locations we had to have running. Yikes. So, needless to say, we had to bring in some outside help. It helps that I’m good friends with a lot of the “friendly competition” in the area. We had artists from Sea World and Busch Gardens helping us out. As well as one of my best buds, Joe Bluhm, who flew in from NYC to work a few gigs with me. This was from the big gig at MGM that night, where we had 15 of us drawing:We were all set up in a huge semi-circle. Yeah, that one guy in the plaid is a guest, not an artist. He was joking with his artist, Maria “Hurricane” Bolton, that he should draw her after she finished drawing him. So, she let him. That just HAPPENED to be when I shot this pic.

Afterwards, we all converged on the unsuspecting Orlando Ale House for some food and fellowship. It’s always a blast when you get to work with your friends.


4 thoughts on “Big gig at Disney-MGM

  1. LOL! I was looking at this pic.. and I’m like.. “hmmm.. where am I….” and.. that was before reading your caption. AND THEN! Realizing.. wow… it totally looks like I’m NOT working! LOL! Good timing on my end! Funny that you took the shot at this moment in time! LOL.Thanks again, Keelan! Twas fun! You’re great! AND.. now to finally link you on my bloggie! :O) CIAO for now!

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