Playing with Painter


Another thing that happened last week, was that we had a huge, all nighter poker tourney over here. Dion Socia, caricature manager from Busch Gardens, and long time friend, even came up for it. Some of you may know Dion’s work (and if you don’t, look him up!)- he’s an incredible artist. He does all of his studio pieces in Corel’s Painter, a program I’ve never tried very much. But, talking to him about it the other night made me want to try it. So, last night, I finally did. I really like the brushes in this program…”straight out of the box”, they work much better than Photoshop’s, it seems. Can’t imagine what a custom made one would be able to do. The lines here look WAY more like the lines I really do, when I’m on paper, than the lines I’m able to get with Photoshop. This pic took about three minutes. Just a quick sketch before dinner.

Hmmm…maybe I need to keep playing with this program.


3 thoughts on “Playing with Painter

  1. Nice job Keelan. Painter is a great program, lots of fun to play around with.Thanks for stopping by my blog. Great to see you have one too. Keep posting more artwork, I’d love to see more.

  2. Thanks, gang. I really like the watercolor brushes on Painter, too. If I didn’t know Photoshop so well, relatively speaking, I’d abandon it for Painter totally. Got deadlines to meet, though, ya know? Well, I’ll just keep playing around with it…

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