My Girls…by Joe Bluhm


On the inside cover of my copy of REJECTS, Joe Bluhm was kind enough to do this drawing of my girls, Brady and Kaley. I ordered an advance copy, so he did this for me. I love it, so I just thought I’d share it with you.


5 thoughts on “My Girls…by Joe Bluhm

  1. Yeah, thanks for the comments guys and girls. I liked it as well. As for the blog, Lee, thanks for the kick in the butt to start up again. Every once in awhile I get lazy with it (usually when I get bothered that not many people are commenting…only reading), and let it go for awhile. Then I usually start posting again. Sorry about that. But, if you want something here to keep reading, then post some comments, folks! I get people telling me a lot that they’re reading my blog, but not many commenters here! It’s a time consuming thing, posting regularly, and there’s many other things I can be doing, and should be doing. But I enjoy it, as long as you all are!Just let me know, if you are!

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