Rejects Rules!


Joe Bluhm , I’m proud to say, is a great friend of mine, and one of the most amazing caricaturists and artists I have ever known and had the privilege to work with. In his new book, “Rejects, the Extreme art of Retail Caricature”, Joe shows some of the incredible artwork that has made him a legend among theme park caricaturists. He’s since left retail caricaturing, and gone on to greener, more lucrative pastures in illustration for magazines and animation character designer. But this book is a great snapshot of the brilliance he gave themepark customers each and every time they sat down for him to draw. Sometimes grotesque, occasionally cruel, but always incredible, each piece in this book is a work of true caricature art.

For anyone interested in caricature, who wants to see the extremes that a talented purveyor of the art form can go to in rendering a person’s face, go to and buy a copy of this book. Or even two. Or three. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


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