Tour, Tour, Tour, Part Deux


HEEEERRREEEE’SSSS Stonehenge! Seeing this place in person was amazing. Yeah, I REALLLYY believe some neolithic people spent centuries bringing these stones up here by rolling them on logs. And they JUST happen to be measured by the same “divine measure” (yes, they call it that) that the temple fo Jerusalem was, the Egyptian pyramids are, and the Central American pyramids are. Hmmm…methinks they’re on the wrong trail here…
Next we went to the amazing town of Bath. Originally built by the Romans, the British rebuilt it centuries later.
It’s in the middle of nowhere, in the English countryside. Too cool.

Well, that’s it for now, gang. Thanks for reading, if you have been. We’re flying out of here tomorrow, and will be home in sunny Florida by bedtime. We’ve had a great time on Jeremy and Shalisa’s anniversary trip. It’s a bit early still, but this was kind of an early anniversary trip for us as well (November 27th will be 14 happy years).

Signing out for now….


5 thoughts on “Tour, Tour, Tour, Part Deux

  1. We are so glad you guy’s had a great trip and it was a real pleasure hanging out with you both as well as Jeremy and Shalisa! Don’t forget, we must plan that European trip, it will be awesome!

  2. hey, keelan. This is Jeff Southerland. It’s been about 20 years; hopefully you remember me. I’m sitting in the philadelphia airport and googled your name and your blog came up. Just wanted to say hello. Glad everything is going well for you and your family; I’m doing well too. Well, they just called for boarding and so I’d better go. Take care.

  3. Steve, we had such an amazing time! Thank yous to you and Wendy for being gracious hosts and great friends. We look forward to seeing you in March here in Orlando, and we’ll talk about the European tour then! It sounds like a blast!

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