The Parhams and Richmonds go MAD!!!!


Yesterday we had a great time touring through the MAD magazine offices here in NYC. Tom Richmond, of course, works for them ALL the time, so that’s how we got to do it. Plus, we know Sam Viviano, the art director for the mag, from hanging out with him at the National Cartoonist Society annual bashes. Sam gave us the “5 cent tour”, as he called it, and then we all went to lunch. The first pic here is of Brady (hamming it up) and Tommy Richmond posing with a statue of Alfred E. Neuman at MAD. The second one is of Brady and “Mr. Sam”, as she calls him, in his office. She even got a cool, top secret sneak peek at the cover of the next MAD.

Brady loves MAD, and especially MADKids these days. Thanks, Mr. Sam, for the tour!


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