Friday Night Lights…NYC style


Man, is NYC’s Times Square crowded on a Friday night! Here’s a pic of me and my baby in the middle of a million people (that I cropped out of this photo). Yeah, we’re happy and still in love… you can still see it in our eyes, can’t you? We’re very blessed.

Next, is a photo of us, The Richmonds, and Ed and Heather Steckley (good friends we also know from the NCS and the NCN) at Carmine’s Family Style Italian restaurant. This is a composite of two photos, actually, but I did okay with it. Just couldn’t figure out how to photoshop myself in it too, from the angle it’s from.

Finally is a photo of Brady and Gabby and Tommy Richmond on the giant ferris wheel in the middle of Toys R Us on Times Square.


One thought on “Friday Night Lights…NYC style

  1. Hey! I was in that toy store last month. It is right on a corner in Times Square and it has one of those spinning doors in the entrance.Two girls are hunting visitors when you enter trying to convince you to be photographed as a souvenir.

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