Happy Birthday, Barbie!


Can you believe my baby’s 35???!!!!??? Yep, she may look 21 still, but she’s three and a half decades old now. She’ll always be nineteen to me, though, the age she was when we first met.

Last night, after roaming around Times Square for hours, we stopped in at world famous Sardi’s restaurant. The one with all of the famous Broadway actors’ caricatures from the past 75 or so years. They brought Barbie a slice of birthday cake, and we all sang to her as the clock struck midnight, officially beginning her birthday.

Next is Tom, Ed, and I posing in front of some of the caricatures.

Then, there’s the pic of Barbie pointing out a poster in Sardi’s of none other than our friends, Toxic Audio, from when they had THEIR Broadway run.

Happy Birthday, baby! I love you!


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