GREASE on Broadway


Months ago, among the many reality shows me and the girls watch, we got hooked on “You’re the One That I Want”, the show where they cast the roles of Danny and Sandy in a Broadway production of GREASE. We were okay with the guy that won, but really liked the girl who won. Imagine our surprise when we found out that she lives on the very street that our friends, the Richmonds, live on in Burnsville, MN (outside Minneapolis)! She’s even taught voice and drama to their kids! So, we decided we HAD to see the play on Broadway. It’s Brady’s first Broadway play, and we had a great time. Even saw the stars up close and got autographs. Brady has taken a few acting classes, and loves being on the stage, so anything like this to her is supercool. Almost as cool as Webkinz.


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