The Parhams Invade New York (finally)


Last Summer, we were supposed to come to NYC with our good friends, the Richmonds. We were gonna see the Empire State Building, do a Broadway show, and other cool stuff. We, and Brady, our only daughter at the time, were so excited. THEN, we found out that our new baby, Kaley was going to be born sometime around the time of the trip. So, we unfortunately had to cancel our trip. Brady especially was really upset, but handled it like a trooper.

This Summer, though, we had the opportunity to take the trip again with the Richmonds, and we jumped at the chance. We figured it would not only be fun, as we always have fun with them , but it would even give a sense of having come full circle. Now Brady would not only have her baby sister, but would also get the trip she was going to have last year. We certainly didn’t want her to resent her sister being born.

Here are some photos of our first day here. The photo of Brady beside the Statue of Liberty was outside a Times Square giftshop near our hotel. The other photos are from the observatory on the Empire State Building. Brady was thrilled to see the real Statue of Liberty from this vantage point, as well as all the other NYC landmarks. Mommy had a little bit of vertigo, so may look a little green in the photos.

Daddy was happy just to be off the airplane.


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