New website design!


It’s finally here…the new design of my webpage. I needed a place I could send people to see my personal work, away from Caricature Connection, the type of character design and illustration stuff I’ve been doing for clients and magazines for the past two years or so, and the kind I want to do more and more of. Thomas Florimonte, a great friend of mine and one of the founders of , is the amazing webdesigner who’s services I hired to do all of this over the past few months. He, and the site, far exceeded my expectations. Browse around!


7 thoughts on “New website design!

  1. Thanks, guys. Yeah, the first incarnation of my site was all geared to “artsy” abstract caricatures only.THIS version is much more “me”, with my newer cartoon illo stuff I’m actually doing for clients, but it also still has up the caricatures. So, the best of both worlds, I hope.Thanks for the comps, Justin. Hey, when’s your blog gonna be back up?

  2. Thanks for your comments, Keelan. I had been planning to re-do my blog for a while but I kept getting sidetracked with work.(I have my own business and have been spending time and money trying to build it up a bit more this year). But I’m making sure to log in daily now that I have a bit more time.

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