Travel Sketches


Well, our annual trip to our timeshare in Cocoa Beach is now over. Back home, settling into the daily grind again. Which, when you draw for a living, ain’t too bad. Matter of fact, since this was the first year we had two kids (baby Kaley is ten months old), Barbie and I are in dire need of a vacation now, after our so called vacation. Cocoa is only an hour away, so we come home in the middle of the week every year to catch up on biz, and then go back down for the rest of the week.
So, really, it ain’t much in the way of a vacation. But, it does allow us to recharge our batteries a little bit. Usually. This year there was lots of artist “emergencies” at our retail stands, and, of course, dealing with the aforementioned baby factor.

Anyway, I know some artists who are adamant about NOT drawing when they travel. They figure they do it all the time, so they want to take a vacation from that as well. I can understand that, but I personally feel that a “vacation” is the only time when I can draw what I want to draw. I spend everyday drawing what other people want me to draw, so when I’m traveling I draw ONLY what I want. I didn’t get much drawn this year, but I did do a few. Here’s one. I saw a kid like this on the beach, and then my friend Steve Silver’s trick of “frankenstein-ing” him with some other people I saw. The shorts came from someone, the boogieboard is actually mine, etc., etc. So, it’s kind of “lifedrawing”, kind of not. I liked how it turned out for a quickie.


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