This weekend is the National Cartoonists Society annual bash. This year it’s at the Ritz Carlton here in Orlando. The NCS is an elite society of cartoonists, membership by invitation only, (I feel really blessed to be in it), and our bashes are quite the swanky affair. Not exactly like the Polynesian shirts and flip flops attire of the NCN, which I am more familiar with. This is Tuxes and gowns only. This year I broke down and bought a tux..not sure how often I’ll get to wear it, so we’ll have to see how good an investment it turns out to be. Anyway…. here I am in my monkeysuit, with my always gorgeous wife, Barbie. The crazy guy between us is Sam Viviano, art director of MAD magazine. We’ve had a lot of fun this weekend hanging out with him and our good friends the Richmonds, the Steckleys, and the Silvers. We’ve also met a lot of other great cartoonists whose strips I’ve always admired, and some I’ve never heard of before, that I’m now fans of.

The second pic here is of me and Steve Silver at the opening party Friday night (thanks to Tom Richmond for the photo). No, we didn’t coordinate our oufits, black shirt and khakis, ahead of time. Demented minds think alike, I guess…

My buddy Tom Richmond was up for a couple of Reuben awards (the NCS’ version of the Oscars), and won one of them, for Advertising Illustration. The third pic’s of me and Ed Steckley with Tom after his win. Ed and I figured it was the closest we’d be to a Reuben for awhile….

Congrats, Tom! You deserve it , man!


6 thoughts on “NCS!

  1. A tux for the NCN? Yeah, right…A few of us try to dress up, but there’s still a lot of Tshirts and flip flops at the awards banquet, aren’t there? NOT the same kind of affair as the NCS, that’s for sure. Truth be told, I did get a bit tired of dressing up all weekend…As for Reno, I don’t know, bud. I’m just not really happy with a lof of stuff with the NCN lately. This might just be the first NCN con I’ve missed since I’ve been a member. I’m hearing quite a few people say they’re considering skipping it too. There was a lot of stuff at the last con and the minicons (NOT your European one or the Japanese one, though), that really concerned me and others.I don’t know, maybe I’ll still come. Would like to see you and a few other friends, but, hey, I got a guestroom you can stay in any time you want to come to Florida! Plus, it’s closer than Reno!

  2. I understand about your reasons and also have much I am concerned about. This con is important for those reasons and could either strengthern or break the NCN! Hey, we shall hold you to your very kind offer to use your guest room and visit you guy’s! We are over there March 29th 2008 for a 2 week family vacation, so we must try to hook up, need you to show us that awesome burger joint you took me too! Speak soon, yours always- Steve

  3. Let me tell you of a story of a boy, a very young boy and an older gentleman. This boy went to the 2006 NCN Con to see one of his favorite artist draw, but the older Gentleman never drew. Well long story short…What you’re not coming!I was really looking forward to seeing you in action at the 2006 con. Which I guess you forgot to bring your drawing shoes, and now you’re going to miss the 2007?Man! MAN!When am I gonna se ya draw?I did have a blast with you and Joe, and company last con, but don’t do this to me in 2008. I’m $600 in the hole and no Keelan sketch to show for it.You’ll be missed.

  4. You’re too funny, Gabe. What is it with this “older gentleman” crap, though? Blame me not drawing last year on a screaming one month old that had to be wrestled when I was there, and an eight year old who had to be looked after as normal, and a business that had to keep running. Ugh.As for Reno, well, I am working at the end of the week on a couple of big gigs, and vacationing with the Richmonds at the beginning of the week. The con was announced after these plans were made. But, I would’ve loved to have been there.As for the out $600 now and not seeing me draw yet….man, you makin me feel BAD! I’ll have to remedy that sometime…

  5. “You’re too funny, Gabe. What is it with this “older gentleman” crap, though?”LOL. Sorry I didn’t know you didn’t like being called a “gentleman.” I’ll call you “The Dude” from now on.The $600 was on a credit card and you don’t hafta pay those back anyways. So don’t feel bad.

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