Live Sketch and Review: Twistee Treat – Ocoee, FL




They had me at the Ice Cream cone shaped building. Seriously, as an artist, I love businesses like this. Randy’s Donuts out in LA, the old Brown Derby that looked  like a Derby style hat… it’s one of my kitschy loves.
Now, in the spirit of full disclosure, I don’t love ice cream. Some people do ( hello, Dad ), but I don’t. It’s not that I don’t LIKE it, I just never have a taste for it. HOWEVER, Twistee Treat is hard for even me to resist. It’s the only ice cream  place I EVER find myself wanting to turn in and eat at.
I’m simple in my ice cream tastes- soft serve chocolate does it for me. But my wife and daughters LOVE the Oreo and Cookie Dough Twirls. If you’re near any of their Central Florida locations, give them a try!

Darn, got myself thinking about them now. I might just have to go get one.




This week I am in Reno, attending the annual  International Society of Caricature Artists ( ISCA ) convention. Unknown-1

As most of you know,  besides doing this strip and owning an Artist’s Talent Agency, I have drawn caricatures for over twenty years. Most of the time at retail stands and events at a Magical Central Florida theme park run by a Mouse. 02-18-08 016And at corporate events all over the country.

I went to art school ( SCAD ), but  the ISCA was really where I learned to draw caricatures. It’s an organization I really believe in, so much so that I’m a past President. So this week I’ll be schmoozing, drawing, and hanging out with caricature artists from around the world.10

Drawing in NOLA….



MMMandKeeIf you’re anywhere near New Orleans this weekend, come on out and get drawn! Like I said, I” be at the Million MILF March, meeting, drawing, and hanging out with fans of Hot Mess Mom the Comic. I’ll be drawing the fans who want me to either by themselves or actually WITH the Hot Mess Mom character herself, like in the drawing above. The “Real” Hot Mess Mom will of course be there as well… so you can meet the HMM Comic inspiration and she can even sign your drawing too! I’ll also have the first ever Hot Mess Mom Comic merch on hand for sale too- a compilation book of the first FIFTY strips! I hope to see you there!



New Orleans Appearance -Million MILF March


Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 10.37.01 AM

Next weekend I will be making the trek to New Orleans for the Million MILF March. This is a big event put on by Hot Mess Mom Productions, and “The” Hot Mess Mom and I will be on hand at the event. Meeting and talking with friends and fans of all things HMM, including the comic strip. If you can, come out and see us! I’ll also have for sale with me copies of the first ever Hot Mess Mom the Comic compilation book!

Some old stuff I still like…




I was going through some old files from a few years back, and found these drawings I did of Historic figures. I’m still digging them, so thought I’d share. ( Geronimo and Napoleon… but you already knew that! )


BTW… these images are © 2014 by Keelan Parham. So, any unscrupulous Ebay sellers like the guy who “appropriated” my Clint Eastwood this Summer for refrigerator magnets… HANDS OFF! ;D

National Cartoonists Society Reubens Weekend!



Each year the prestigious National Cartoonists Society, of which I am a proud member, gets together of it’s Reubens Award Weekend. No, it has nothing to do with sandwiches. It’s kind of like the Academy Awards of cartoonists. Newspaper comic Strip artists, animators, greeting card artists, webcomic creators ( like me now, because of this strip ), and freelance cartoon illustrators ( again, like me ), all get together for this.  We socialize, talk “shop”, sing karaoke ( I sing a mean Elvis, if I do say so myself ), and celebrate the best in cartooning that year. Several friends of mine are up for awards, so this is going to be a great year. PLUS, the one and only Weird Al Yankovic is going to be attending and receiving a special award! I’m looking forward to meeting him.

This year the Reubens is being held in beautiful San Diego. Barbie and I got here last night and are looking forward to seeing all of our friends again. I’ll try to post some photos while we’re  gone. It’s a gonna be a blast!

A new “Me”.



Drawing yourself is a real chore.  You always want to make yourself thinner, younger, whatever… but sometimes in my biz it’s necessary. Here’s my latest version of my mug for some upcoming appearances / lectures I’m going to be doing.