Cupcake Girl


Here’s a ¬†recent Logo Character Design commission I did for Four O Seven Cakes ( ¬† ). I had a lot of fun with the retro style on this one.



iPad Caricatures: James Thomas



I’m not sure if it’s the upgrade to iOS7 or not, but for some reason this past week, ArtStudio on my iPad has been acting weird. Even basic tools like the Paint bucket have been working erratically. So, what do you do when the “normal” way you work doesn’t work anymore? Change the way you work! That’s what I had to do midway through a live digital caricaturing event I was performing at last week. I’ll see if I can find some of those pix and share them here. I went for a “rougher”, more natural tools looking style, instead of really smooth, slick brushes. I also colored on a lower layer, with a big brush rather than the aforementioned paint bucket, leaving some rim lighting within the lines. This is a drawing I did after the gig, of fellow caricaturist James Thomas, as I continued to play around in this new style. It kind of has a more illustrative quality, so I may keep doing stuff his way.