I’ve always harbored a secret desire to just be a painter. So, occasionally I will indulge myself and paint something.
I love Picasso, cubism, Covarrubbias, Braque, lots of abstract stuff, so that’s what I like to paint. Here’s a recent one I did.  I am doing a series of Biblical paintings, and this is the first. I call it “Tempted”. It’s of Adam and Eve in the Garden, kissing. Except that Eve is looking off at the Forbidden Fruit.


5 thoughts on “Tempted

  1. Thanks, guys. Yep, acrylic on canvas board, Tim. I love acrylic because it's so immediate. You don't like something, let it dry for a few minutes, and change it! Appeals to my short attention span! LOL.

  2. man… these are pretty cool Keelan. I wish I could do 'abstract' like you. I love how you paint them nice & large like the ones you did of you & the family. They are so perfect for hanging up on the wall. =) Very cool! As for "Adam & Eve".. I'm always intrigued by this story.. especially since I've been married. Woman have such a strong influence on men.. like I never knew before. They can either build them up or tear them down. In this case.. I think Eve was trying to be the authoritative one.. instead of submissive. Roles were reversed & out of order.. where Adam became submissive one… and resulted in terrible consequences. 😛 Total bummer. lol. xP

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