Charactertures, episode 2: Goofy

Hey, Esly, here ya go! Ya know, I’ve never had a great desire to draw Mickey’s Pal, Goofy. Except for his incarnation as “Super Goof”. I did love those old Gold Key Comics of him. But when fellow cartoonist, good friend, and SORELY MISSED Disney caricaturist Esly Carrero-Stampek suggested in my comments section that I try my hand at the Goofster, I decided to give it a shot. I wanted to do a retro version of him, and I really didn’t change that much, I guess. Except for adding the tail. Come on… he’s a dog, isn’t he? I mean, I THINK he’s a dog. In my version he IS, anyway. So he needed the tail. 
 I really liked the black and white version, so that’s how I left it. I may color it at a later date. 


4 thoughts on “Charactertures, episode 2: Goofy

  1. YES!!!!! Score! Awesome Keelan! HAHA! Love this. Love the crazy wacky style you got goin' on. ;D lol. yeah.. he definitely deserves a TAIL!!! It's about time someone drew him right! Thanks Keelan! This is awesome! 🙂 yeah.. it looks cool in black & white too.. although in color it might look neat too! 🙂

  2. lol. ;D Company would be great! I have a gig at the Royal Melbourne Show. Do you wish to join me? Better yet, just extend CC out here. You can call it CCWW. Caricature Connection World Wide! 😀

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