It’s Alive!!!!


This illo was for a great client I did work for a few months ago. A series of safety posters that they blew up into banners. To keep the resolution good for them when they enlarged the images, I had to draw everything in Adobe Illustrator, making them Vector images. Aggh. I haven’t worked in Illustrator much , so the images took me a lot longer than expected. But the cool thing was the client basically gave me free rein on these. I used a more cartoony style than most people ask me for, but it’s the style that I really PREFER to work in. This client loved it. Hopefully more clients will let me do this in the future.

BTW… I did have 40s cartoonist Dick Briefer’s great, toony looking Frankenstein Monster in mind when I did the face here. And I don’t know if it’s evident in the final, but I was kind of thinking of parts of the outfit of Marvel’s Frankenstein comics from the 70s…..


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