Over the years, at different periods of my life, I’ve taught private art lessons to kids. It’s been quite awhile, though. And I’ve never done it during the actual school day… as a “real teacher”. UNTIL tomorrow…

Yep, tomorrow morning at 8AM, I add “Substitute Art Teacher” to my resume’. I’ll be teaching Drawing I and Drawing/Painting at my daughters’ school. I’m nervous and excited all at the same time. I can’t imagine how cool it would’ve been as a student ( WAY too many years ago to go into right now…) to have a successful professional commercial artist come in to teach my class. I was always looking for that, looking for inspiration. Looking for someone to tell me that what I felt called to do was something I could actually make a living doing.
Hopefully I’ll make that high schooler, who’s still inside of me somewhere, proud tomorrow….

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