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My location at this Vegas gig a couple of weeks ago left a lot to be desired.
I was in the hallway, which sounds great, but turned out to be a real detriment. If I was drawing someone, they kind of blocked the screen and that made me almost invisible. So most people passed right by, into the convention hall without seeing me. In fact, it wasn’t until the last day that I ever had much of a line for people waiting. And when I drew them, they said they hadn’t seen me for the past two days. Ugh. Oh well.

What I did find out on the last day, with people waiting, is that I was actually drawing pretty quickly, learning curve and all. It turns out I was drawing these , under sketch, shading, and all, in less than five minutes. That was good to know.

Oh yeah, one other weird thing about drawing and projecting… The iPad VGA adapter doesn’t fit really well on any VGA cord I could find. So a couple of times at the show, the cord separated from the adapter and I lost my signal on the monitor. Yikes. But I figured out how to work around it so it didn’t happen anymore.

I learned a ton at this gig, and am looking forward to my next iPad gig adventure.

PS… I lost my cool new iFaraday stylus at this show! Yep, the lack of a pen clip caught up with me. I vaguely remember putting the stylus behind my ear between drawings, and NOT clipping it back to the cool magnet it has. After that, I have no idea what happened. I had to finish the show with the Griffin stylus, which turned out okay. I hope whomever finds my stylus enjoys it!
But I do miss it. 😦

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2 thoughts on “IPad stuff

  1. Too funny (and sad) about they iFaraday! About the VGA, have you tried velcro strips? They make them for DJ speaker cables and allow you to hook the cable to the stand that's holding the iPad, and the velcro supports the weight of the cable so it doesn't pull out.Thanks for sharing!Scott

  2. Thanks for sharing all your iPad adventures. I've been using my iPad to get better at drawings and try to learn to do caricatures. I guess you could save standard backdrops to put there heads on. Did you do that or do you draw them out?

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