iPad gig in Vegas


I keep promising to talk about things I learned on the Vegas gig, but finding the time to do so has been a challenge. Sorry! Well, for one thing, I found that Running through the VGA cord slooooows down my iPad a bit. Not sure why, but everything just seemed to move slower. Curved lines even turned out straight until I slowed way down while drawing them. So that hurt my speed. Add to that the fact that trying to email by 3G took forever, and my power on my iPad drained really quickly. I would’ve been better with two iPads! I’m considering doing that, buying a second one for gigs. For a few hours I would’ve been fine, but for an all day trade show, well, I was sweating it. Add to that the fact that I was trying to send the pix to people via 3G ( Wifi was nonexistent here), and my power just got SUCKED away. One day I had to stop projecting for a bit and just hooked up to a power outlet to recharge while I continued drawing. With only one port on the iPad, drawing, recharging, AND projecting wasn’t an option.

To Be Continued…..

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3 thoughts on “iPad gig in Vegas

  1. I'm bummed I didn't get the iPad.. and instead got the iPod Touch. I'm so clumsy, I didn't want to get that big giant thing.. I hadn't seen a use for reading books off of a computer.. so I skipped it.. and instead just got the Touch. lol.Now that I know you can do cool stuff like this.. it's on my list of things I want! ;D Thanks for sharing Keelan!

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