iPad Stylus Reviews (Pt.3) : the Griffin Stylus


As I said in my last post, I REALLY liked the iFaraday stylus when I first got it. But it just proved to feel too “brush like” for my tasts. The newest iPad stylus I’ve bought, and my favorite so far, is the Griffin stylus. The tip here is soft rubber, but it moves easily across the surface of the iPad, and doesn’t “drag” at all.
Why I like it:
1. The tip feels the most like drawing with a “real” pen or marker in my opinion.
2. The black metal barrel looks nice with the iPad, and it’s also less slick than the iFaraday or Pogo Styluses, both of which I have tried. ( see the previous reviews ).
3. The pen clip is much sturdier than the Pogo , in particular. I’ve broken lots of those cheap Pogo clips. Ugh.
Is this stylus perfect? No, not at all. But until I find a better one, I will be drawing with the Griffin.
I know I’m brief with these reviews, but hopefully they help. If you have questions on any of the styluses, just post a comment, and I’ll try to answer.

2 thoughts on “iPad Stylus Reviews (Pt.3) : the Griffin Stylus

  1. Have you received the iFaraday with the firmer tip? If you did, how does that compare with the Griffin in terms of accuracy, responsiveness and how it slides on the screen? Thanks!

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