iPad Stylus Reviews (Pt.2) : the iFaraday Stylus


The next Stylus I bought is the iFaraday. When I first got it, I thought I’d struck gold. It draws at any angle ( unlike the disappointing Pogo), and is much more responsive. But if I thought the Pogo felt like drawing with a little pillow on the end of a stick, the iFaraday REALLY feels like that. It has kind of a brush feel to it when you are using it. I don’t actually like this, as I like drawing with pens, not brushes. So, my search continued for the “perfect” stylus…

Stay tuned…..
(By the way, these are available online at : www.ifaraday.com )

7 thoughts on “iPad Stylus Reviews (Pt.2) : the iFaraday Stylus

  1. I have a model with a firmer tip. It's a prototype so not available to the public yet. The softer tip you received is general purpose. It's good for normal navigation. Drawing is more a matter of preference, however, and I am aware that some people prefer a firmer feel. Let me know if you want to try it. – Rustle from iFaraday.com

  2. Eh… the Jot looks nice, but I just don't know about drawing with a little disk under the point. Seems like it would be weird. And I hate that no one has put pressure sensitivity on a stylus yet. Ugh. But I'll keep my eye out for the Jot when it hits the market. Thanks for the suggestion!

  3. I've been using a Wacom tablet PC for years (although it's on it's last legs) that has great pressure sensitivity.It's unfortunate no one yet makes a wacom slate that isn't full of flaws. I'd even take a Ntrig enabled one!The new windows 7 ones are good, but either have very slow processors and okay battery life, or good processors and crap battery life.Android has 2 slates that support Active pen inputs, but one is 7 inches (HTC Flyer) and has limited app support and the Lenovo Thinkpad Tablet…which with the options will be more expensive than the windows tablets that can actually make full use of the pen.

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