A fellow caricaturist, Rubel Mujica, sent me a really nice note recently and a cool caricature of me for my collection. In the note he spoke about how much he liked the book I came out with a few years ago, and how much it has helped him.

I’m glad it did, Rubel, and thanks for letting me know! Here’s a quick caricature of you, right back at ya!
Keep on toonin’, man!

(Here’s the photos I used as reference, by the way.)


5 thoughts on “Rubel

  1. Rubel…You're welcome, man. Glad you liked it. As for the photo, yeah I "lifted" those from fellow caricaturist Jan Baptist's blog when he drew you too. By the way, you drew me from the back cover of my book, and that photo was about seven years old. I look much younger now.;D

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