Interview with a Cartoonist…


A few weeks ago, I got an email request for an interview from David over at “David-Wasting-Paper” blog. David ( he of no last name), runs a really cool blog where he interviews well known cartoonists. I was very honored to be asked. I love the site, and have made it a regular read now.

Here’s a snippet of my interview to tease you with:

Cartoonist Survey #33

Keelan Parham is a cartoonist from Florida who specializes in caricatures and comic book illustration. His work has appeared in many forms of media including children’s books, magazines and comic books. A member of the National Cartoonists’ Society, he is the author of “Let’s Toon Caricatures.” Keelan owns his own company, Caricature Connection which provides caricaturing for special events, corporate functions and individuals. Don’t live in the Florida area? Don’t worry, you can fill out the online order form and receive your caricature digitally or in the mail. If you are ever at Walt Disney World’s Animal Kingdom you can stop into one of the Caricature Connections retail locations. Stop by Keelan’s website, his blog and also Caricature Connection.

You’ll have to visit David’s blog to read the entire interview:


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