Recent Gig Stuff



I took photos of these recent live drawings, and then adjusted the lighting and added the solid backgrounds in Photoshop. This was one of the days when I was drawing more character design-ish live stuff. At least most of the gig. I liked this guy’s unibrow.

“Full Figured Girl”

I also liked how this “full figured” girl still looks cute in the drawing, enough where even she liked it, but she’s still “full figured”. I hate when I see caricatures of “heavier” people and the artists thin them down in the drawing, where it doesn’t even resemble them. Hello, if you’re big, I’m drawin’ you big! That’s part of your likeness. There’s nothing wrong with being big. Just like there’s nothing wrong with being skinny. Or goofy loking. Or, as in the pic above, with a unibrow. I’m gonna draw them all.


This guy, for instance, looked asleep when he was awake. Or maybe stoned. I didn’t ask. But, I drew him that way. Oh I may draw with my “cartoon filter” on, so it’s not all that insulting looking, but I will represent what is there.

Also, with “Sleepy” here, I was kinda feeling the Cartoon Network/Fairly Oddparents/Dexter’s Lab kind of vibe. So, I did a little bit of the thicker outline, and the thinner interior lines.


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