Toon Weekly- Rock Star!


This one I went ’round and ’round on. So many things to do, so many types of rock music. Finally, I decided to combine them and came up with this guy. His name IS “Rock Star”.
He’s some guy from the future, when there is no music of the people allowed. A true totalitarian state limits all artistic expression of the working class masses. He somehow learns about 20th century Rock and Roll, names himself “Rock Star”, and becomes a rebel rocker….inspiring the masses to rebel against their totalitarian overlords. (Shades of Footloose, CryBaby, 1984, and The Legend of Billy Jean).

He designs his costume based on many great rock and rollers, and types of rock music. There’s the multicolored hair and studded bracelets of the punk rockers, the high boots of the glam rockers, the star over the eye ala KISS, the bandaged hand ala one of Michael Jackson’s incarnations, the giant clock like Flava Flav to represent Rap music, and of, course, plenty of Elvis inspiration in the high collared jumpsuit. Finally, he has that kind of pretty boy androgynous face and slim build, while wearing makeup on one side of his body to represent more than one race, since true Rock n Roll has always been, in my opinion, a synthesis of the music of different races.

Anyway, there he is.

ROCK STAR! (not to be confused with DIET ROCK STAR, which is what I just finished drinking. ;D )


10 thoughts on “Toon Weekly- Rock Star!

  1. Rock Star (2535?)…excellent!!WOW on the story too!!! It’s enough to give someone imagination envy!!Very well done indeed sir…ROCK ON!!!

  2. Thanks, guys! Lots of great work over there on your ToonWeekly site, Justin. I think it’s catching on!Heck, half of the entries lately are artists that work with us at Caricature Connection, or want to work with us! Of course me and Durkin, but also Duron, Jenni Gregory, and Dennis Hart. Plus, Eduardo Gonzalez and I have been talking for years about getting him here to Florida from Mexico to draw with us, and John Duckett and I have been talking about him moving here for the same reason as well.We’ve got a great,talented group of artists here, and most of us are interested in character design. Thanks to you and Giblin for starting the site, and giving us a chance to exercise that particular cartooning muscle!

  3. Thanks, Keelan. We are very pleased with how things are shaping up. We are getting new artists join in each week now which is great. It’s fantastic to see how everyone approaches things and it’s a great way to flex the creative muscles. It’s all good fun.

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