A few buds of mine from the NCN, Justin Cook and Mike Giblin, recently started a character design challenge. I asked them if they minded if I crashed the party, and, to my pleasure, they welcomed me aboard. I think this is gonna be a cool thing…they’re both really talented, great guys. I think doing this regularly will push us to develop our skills, and who knows, maybe even get some nice portfolio pieces for us.

I’m about two challenges behind them, I think, but I’m gonna try to catch up when time permits. IF time permits. Anyway, here’s my version of the first challenge, Frankenstein. Check out both of their versions on their blogs, listed on my links to the side.


7 thoughts on “Frankenstein!

  1. Loco…Oh, you mean on our CC site? Remember, we tried weekly challenges, and only me, you, and Kenny Durkin participated regularly. Kenny is going to participate in Justin and Mike’s “Toon Weekly” challenges as well. You should, too!

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