Happy Anniversary, Baby!


FOURTEEN years ago today, I made the best decision I’ve ever made, and married the girl of my dreams. Anyone who knows her knows that she is beautiful, inside and out (my toon here doesn’t begin to do her justice). She’s taught me what real love is, and I continue daily to strive to be a better man…just to try to deserve her.

“Behind every good man is a better woman”, I’ve heard it said. It couldn’t be truer than in this case.

Barbie, I love you. Always.

Happy Anniversary, Baby.


6 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary, Baby!

  1. Thanks, all. My gift to her? A nice dinner out tongiht at our fave restaurant, Victoria and Albert’s, and a certificate for a Couples package HOT AIR BALLOON RIDE! What on earth was I thinking? I don’t even like heights…or airplanes…Dear God….

  2. It was a Happy Barbie and Keelan Day!! er…Anniversary! 14 years and neither one of them have aged yet… cartoons never do!Notice Keelan is a Turkey in the post right before, then he post his wife in cartoon normal coolness. What does that mean..You know I am playing buddy, you 2 rock!!

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