Drawing in NOLA….



MMMandKeeIf you’re anywhere near New Orleans this weekend, come on out and get drawn! Like I said, I” be at the Million MILF March, meeting, drawing, and hanging out with fans of Hot Mess Mom the Comic. I’ll be drawing the fans who want me to either by themselves or actually WITH the Hot Mess Mom character herself, like in the drawing above. The “Real” Hot Mess Mom will of course be there as well… so you can meet the HMM Comic inspiration and she can even sign your drawing too! I’ll also have the first ever Hot Mess Mom Comic merch on hand for sale too- a compilation book of the first FIFTY strips! I hope to see you there!



New Orleans Appearance -Million MILF March


Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 10.37.01 AM

Next weekend I will be making the trek to New Orleans for the Million MILF March. This is a big event put on by Hot Mess Mom Productions, and “The” Hot Mess Mom and I will be on hand at the event. Meeting and talking with friends and fans of all things HMM, including the comic strip. If you can, come out and see us! I’ll also have for sale with me copies of the first ever Hot Mess Mom the Comic compilation book!

Some old stuff I still like…




I was going through some old files from a few years back, and found these drawings I did of Historic figures. I’m still digging them, so thought I’d share. ( Geronimo and Napoleon… but you already knew that! )


BTW… these images are © 2014 by Keelan Parham. So, any unscrupulous Ebay sellers like the guy who “appropriated” my Clint Eastwood this Summer for refrigerator magnets… HANDS OFF! ;D

National Cartoonists Society Reubens Weekend!



Each year the prestigious National Cartoonists Society, of which I am a proud member, gets together of it’s Reubens Award Weekend. No, it has nothing to do with sandwiches. It’s kind of like the Academy Awards of cartoonists. Newspaper comic Strip artists, animators, greeting card artists, webcomic creators ( like me now, because of this strip ), and freelance cartoon illustrators ( again, like me ), all get together for this.  We socialize, talk “shop”, sing karaoke ( I sing a mean Elvis, if I do say so myself ), and celebrate the best in cartooning that year. Several friends of mine are up for awards, so this is going to be a great year. PLUS, the one and only Weird Al Yankovic is going to be attending and receiving a special award! I’m looking forward to meeting him.

This year the Reubens is being held in beautiful San Diego. Barbie and I got here last night and are looking forward to seeing all of our friends again. I’ll try to post some photos while we’re  gone. It’s a gonna be a blast!

Hot Mess Mom! The Comic


WebSquare2For over twenty years, I’ve been drawing caricatures of hundreds of thousands of people at parties, conventions, and theme parks.  I’ve done non- caricature work for comic books, children’s books, Music CDs, websites, advertisements, etc., but the term “caricaturist” certainly applies to the bulk of my professional work thus far. I love what I do, and I’m very BLESSED to be able to do it. I’ve met so many wonderful people doing this.

But “caricaturist” is a label I’ve never been fully at peace with. Truthfully, I’m a cartoonist. Yes, a lot of my career up till now has been drawing cartoons with a likeness WITH A LIKENESS.  But they’re still CARTOONS, the way I do them.

I’ve always been a cartoonist, ever since I first started drawing. Comic books and comic strips have filled my life. My parents were supportive enough to not just tolerate them, but to even encourage them most of my childhood. Some of my earliest memories are at my grandparents’ kitchen table, reading the Sunday funnies. Comics helped me learn to read, and more importantly, LOVE to read. I used to do a self published comic book with my best bud Ted Tucker ( look him up… he’s awesomely talented ), but have never tried a comic strip. Until NOW. For the past two Sundays, I’ve been doing a strip called “Hot Mess Mom”. It’s based on and co- created by a high school friend of my wife- the real, flesh and blood Hot Mess Mom. We’re having a ton of fun doing it, and it’s taking off. We’re getting views of it on her Hot Mess Mom Face Book page that are astronomical for a strip. Much less a new strip.

Starting tomorrow, HMM the Comic will be coming out TWICE a week, on Wednesdays and Sundays. I’m making the announcement here on my personal site for the first time. You can read it on the Hot Mess Mom Face Book page, the Hot Mess Mom the Comic FaceBook page, or at HotMessMomComic.com. I hope you like it!