Holiday Cards and Group Caricatures


It’s that time of year again! The time of year when I get busy with Corporate and Family Holiday  Greeting Cards. I’ve got two groups in my To Do folder on my computer right now. One with ten people, and one with 25. Group caricatures are fun, but challenging, just because you have to leave room for everyone. Composition, composition, composition!  PLUS, you have all of the different faces and personalities. Most groups are great, with no problems. But every once in awhile…. you get the one or two people in a group who say stuff like “This is the only picture I like myself in, so draw from it” ( And the photo is fifteen years old), or “My hair, which is blonde, is normally curly like this photo but I want it straight. And red”. Both comments based on actual events, btw.

Here’s a drawing I did of a great, easy to work with group last year ( they got it done early then too, so they didn’t want any Holiday decorations on it ):Group


One thought on “Holiday Cards and Group Caricatures

  1. really terrrrrific Keelan…. thanks for the inspiration… I think this year is a the one to start doing a family card…. Hmmmm.. Pam ,me, the dog, the local lizard and possibly i could incorporate the frog that camp out on the front porch light.
    Great work
    God bless, Dee

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