Recent Work: Disney Files!


 Disney Files is a great client of mine that I draw for quarterly.  It’s a magazine for Disney Vacation Club owners, so it’s got a much bigger circulation that you might expect, but it’s really hard to find unless you’re the target audience. The editor has a column in the front of the mag that he likes to spruce up with an illo of himself doing various things. I’ve drawn him in all sorts of themes and poses over the past five years or so. This latest one is an obvious riff on the iconic Lion King image… except with… a hippo.  From what I understand, there’s a hippo on the cover, and this is the tie-in. I liked how it turned out….
By the way, this makes my SECOND blog post this year, it seems. Woo hoo! I’m on fire! I’ve just been crazy busy, is all. I’m still here, drawing away!


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