Daddy/Daughter invade San Diego!


Yep, after a few years of being absent from the Mother of all Geek Gatherings, I am returning to the San Diego ComiCon next week. This time, with my oldest, Brady, as my partner in crime. Where will be in the sea of comic geeks, sci- fi freaks, and costumed… um…people? I have NO idea. It’s been so long since I’ve been to SDCC, I had to “prove” my professional status again. I did, and they did. Approve me, that is. HOWEVER, I was out of town when I got the email, about to board a plane home. I joke you not… by the time I touched down in sunny Florida, they were no longer accepting any more professional registrations. Arrgh. General admission, which I would’ve gladly paid at this point, had been sold out since early this year. That’s how crazy it is to get into this show.

Well, fear not… with some help from a few friends in high places, I DID get me and Brady Ann in to the show. Plus, we waited so long to book a room, we got a sweet room in a hotel ADJACENT to the convention center. ( Finding a room was a challenge in and of itself.)

Now, back to where you may see us, if you are there, and care to do so…. Good friends Tom Richmond, Stephen Silver, and Joe Bluhm will all be there with tables, as will the National Cartoonists Society ( NCS). I am sure we will be at least in the vicinity of all of those tables sometime over the weekend. Keep an eye out for us, and you may just see us….


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