iPad Keelan / Sketchbook Pro


Typical of me on vacation, I can’t NOT draw. I have to, At least a little bit. But I get to draw what I WANT to, not what a client wants me to. Now that is a vacation to me! On our trip this week to West Palm Beach, in between our naps ( 😀 ) and trips to the pool and beach, I decided I would really put Sketchbook Pro on my iPad through it’s paces. In fact, my iPad was the only drawing materials i brought with me. Therefore I decided to see Exactly HOW good could I draw on the iPad, with fairly unlimited time. My goal was to produce a piece that was of similar quality to what I can do on the Cintiq. Again, this was completely in Sketchbook Pro. I like drawing in this app best, but it does bug me a bit, with how difficult it is to change the brush size and the opacity. The ArtStudio app makes those changes easier. So, that’s my next task… I am going to color this piece in that app as well, to see which I like best. Stay Tooned….

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3 thoughts on “iPad Keelan / Sketchbook Pro

  1. Keelan,this looks great, I'm really impressed with the detail in the shirt. I have to agree with you about sketchbook pro, it would be the best app around if not for the way you have to go about changing the brush size/opacity. I've really liked the stuff you've done for the toon challenges, I have to get something in for this months.Keep up the great work

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