Toon Challenge: Old West!

Hey, gang. I am a “fan” of the “Toon Challenge” page over on FaceBook. It’s a  monthly Character Design Challenge page that’s in it’s FIRST month. The theme this time is to design American “Old West”  Characters, i.e. Cowboys, Indians, etc. There’s quite a few fellow “Likees” on the page, but so far only me and one other person have entered a drawing. Join up and contribute if you can! Looks like it will be fun, and a great way to get some new portfolio pieces drawn at the same time.
Oh yeah, as for my piece, well, I am crazy busy right now but I still wanted to get something in on this first challenge. So, I googled those old Clint Eastwood Spaghetti Westerns and used him as “inspiration” for my entry. All digital, Photoshop, in case you were wondering. 

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