One mean lookin’ dude….


Playin around with this awhile back. I’m gonna do something with this character one of these days. At least I hope to. He’s been rattling around inside my head for over two decades in one form or another.

Basically it’s a story of this battle scarred tough guy in a post- apocalyptic world who hunts down aliens, chimera, and fallen angels. A little Mad Max, a little HellBoy, a little “Left Behind”, all mashed together.
Some day…

2 thoughts on “One mean lookin’ dude….

  1. Cool! Even though I have some friends that work for some of the big companies, I'm not into video games these days ( not enough time to play them ), so didn't know Torchlight. Wow! Love some of the character designs from it that I see online . Thanks for the heads up, Hunter!

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