I’ve got this client that I’ve worked with for many, many years now who prints up simple card games for people to buy. He always wants drawings in a sequence… kind of like a limited animation scene. He only wants black and white images ( too bad ), but they’re usually a lot of fun to draw. This time around, the theme was “gunslingers”. The job was to draw a few gunslingers, in three poses: About to draw their gun/guns….
…drawing their gun(s), and…
…getting shot. This guy was the first one I did, a kind of ” Marshall Matt Dillon” from “Gunsmoke” or “Hoss” from “Bonanza”.

My Dad was a big Western fan when I was growing up ( John Wayne was his favorite), so I’ve watched plenty of Western TV shows and movies myself.
BTW, I think I colored this one just for myself. I’ll try to find it and post here.

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