iPad toons, Vegas gig


I’ve been back from Vegas for a couple of days now, and am still trying to catch up on deadlines here. Plus, good buddy Tom Richmond and his family are visiting this week now, so it may take me awhile to post many of my pix from this gig.

All in all, the gig went well, and i learned a ton of new things. For the first pic to share, I’ll show you another pic I did the night before the gig started. My wife and I hung out by the Venetian/Palazzo’s big Poker room awhile, just watching the tables. It turned out to be a good drawing area, since the players are all in one spot for awhile. Here’s one particularly unpleasant looking chap, waiting for his turn to play.
Drawn in about three minutes, btw.

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One thought on “iPad toons, Vegas gig

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