iPad Stylus Reviews (Pt.4) : the OTHER iFaraday Stylus


Just in time for my big Vegas gig this week, Rustle Laidman, the inventor of the iFaraday iPad stylus, sent me his newest invention. It seems from his website that he now has three stylus types. I only have two, and I am not sure which one this is. But i can tell you that this version of his stylus has a firmer tip, and is my FAVORITE stylus now. It glides across the screen better than the Griffin, and seems more “pen or marker like” than the first iFaraday stylus. It’s incredibly accurate in it’s responsiveness, so much so that I almost forget I am drawing on an iPad. This model also has a cool black metal barrel that is less slick than the other model ( but still slicker than the Griffin ). I also kind of like the ring on the top of the pen, that is attached to a very strong little magnet. I have my pen attached to a lanyard string from an old convention I drew at, so it’s great. The only things that would make this pen even better? I’d still like to see the barrel a bit longer, less slick, and a bit bigger around ( like a “real” pen ). Oh, and even though the magnet is cool, couldn’t it also have a strong pen clip like the Griffin? If we had that, this would be as close to perfect as I’ve seen in iPad styluses. But it’s already so good, I am just nitpicking.

I’ll try to post some pix from the Vegas show this week as I draw more with this stylus. I am looking forward to it. Thanks for getting it here to me just in time, Rustle! I love it! You will too, gang, if you give it a try. ( www.ifaraday.com )

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