iPad Toons…part 3


More iPad sketching… gotta practice. This one is in the Sketchbook Pro app.


3 thoughts on “iPad Toons…part 3

  1. As a new member of the Ipad Caricature club Im reading your ipad posts with great interest. Just starting to get the hang sorta of sketching with this thing also The Pogo stick has GOT to GO!! LOL! Lookin for a more pen like Stylus and got some great advice From Angie and Scott. and now YOU! Cant wait to get my New Faraday! QUESTION> when sketching, what are your settings? are you making an initial wireframe drawing and then going over it or are you sketching everything in one shot?? Im so excited about this my wife hardly sees me anymore…

  2. Hey, Elgin! Ya know, I AM working in Layers, which I guess is what you mean by "wireframe drawing". I do my sketch on a layer really quickly, lower the opacity, and then ink on a layer above. Sometimes, I delete the sketch layer but other times I keep it, to add a shaded look to the drawing. The weight lifter on the bench, in the previous post, was like that. The gray around him is on my sketch layer, and much of it was my sketch. You can particularly see this on his shoulder of his shirt… those ARE my sketch lines I started with. Make sense?

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