iPhone sketching….


Been trying to figure out how to sketch on the iPhone. It’s a continuing experiment. Still haven’t found what I’m looking for ( U2 reference). Best I’ve done so far is a couple of sketches like this one, with the iPhone called “Layers”. I tried Sketchbook Pro on the iPhone too,, a fave program I use on my cintiq. But I didnt’ care for anything I drew on it very much. Yes, they were all even worse than THIS one! LOL

BTW, I hate drawing with my finger, so I ordered a Pogo Sketch stylus. Kinda weird to use, but still better than my finger! I’ll keep trying…


5 thoughts on “iPhone sketching….

  1. Oh man,- U2. I still have trouble getting that song out of my head when they play it at All-Star Music. LOL!I don't know, it looks like a pretty good job considering you did this- on a phone?! Wow. iPhones are getting more and more cool everytime I hear about one. This pic has to be of Ted 🙂

  2. LOL, actually, not ted at all. Just a big German looking, blonde guy. Then I threw a red shirt on him to contrast with the background being green… guess I was thinking about Christmas… and well, it became a Ted "type".Have had no sketching time in the past two days, but will post more when I do.

  3. what?!!! Not Ted?Blonde Hair, Red Shirt…Just those words on their own are Ted! LOL!(no offense to all the other cc'rs with blonde hair.)Quit pulling our leg Keelan!(Although, I guess his eyebrows wouldn't be black.. but blonde also.)

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