Me at ISCA 09


2009 ISCA Awards Ceremony – Part one

I have to get all of those “ums” out of my speech pattern. Ugh! It’s always horrible listening to yourself speak. But see, this is proof I was there! Told ya! Thanks for posting this one as well, Brian.

But “Keelam”? “Keelam”????LOL

Oh well, with my name you get used to it!


5 thoughts on “Me at ISCA 09

  1. Keranu, or Keelan… right? Too strange… I've rarely met another of "us". Funny. How old are you? I have a theory I'm the oldest Keelan this go around ( it being an ancient Celtic name and all). I always said, being born in 1967, that I was lucky I wasn't named "Moonbeam"… the flower children time and all.

  2. I've never met another Keelan personally, but I've had what I call "third party encounters" where other people have told me that they've met other Keelans. I'm 22 (born 1987).How is yours pronounced? Mine is like kee-lynn.

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