Rodney Howard Browne


I went and heard this anointed man of God, Rodney Howard Browne, teach at a local church last Sunday. Rodney is from South Africa and feels that God has sent him to be a missionary TO AMERICA. Tens of Thousands ( hundreds of thousands maybe? ) have come to Christ here and abroad through his ministry. Really inspiring.

This, by the way, is my ballpoint pen caricature of Rodney as he taught. Yeah, drawing in church. LOL. Actually, whether you want to blame it on the ADD one doctor told me I have, or just on my “artist’s brain”, I pay better attention WHEN I’m drawing. I’m guessing a lot of artists are that way…


2 thoughts on “Rodney Howard Browne

  1. lol. Funny, I do he same at church! Except my sketches don't look as cool! ;D You're right though.. I tend to pay more attention & for some reason I remember more of what I heard too, then if I hadn't been drawing while listening.Weird how that works!

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